Succesful meeting EU Ministers for Energy and Environment

This week, Denmark has hosted an informal meeting of EU Ministers for Energy and Environment.

During the Informal Meeting of Ministers for Environment, ministers discussed the 7th Environment Action Programme, including 1) implementation and strengthening of EU legislation and 2) towards a greening of the economy. In addition the road towards Rio+20 was discussed on a specific session. During a lunch session, ministers discussed the future of the ETS system.

At the Informal Meeting of Energy Ministers the current status of negotiations of the Energy Efficiency Directive was on the agenda of the first session. In the perspective of a European vision for energy by 2030, ministers continued with a session covering different aspects of the EU’s energy policy based on the Commissions Communication on Energy Roadmap 2050.

As a country, Denmark sets a great example of energy efficiency, due to implemented ambitious and consistent policies on energy efficiency since the oil shocks of the 1970s. Denmark is famous for its District Heating.

Denmark, being chairman of the council, remained firm in support of both the Energy Efficiency Directive and the Energy Roadmap 2050. Off course, Denmark of all countries knows about the importance of including heating and cooling in European energy policies.

Most important outcomes of the meeting

  • EU Energy ministers agree that the Energy Efficiency Directive should be adopted before the end of June
  • EU energy ministers agree on three no regrets options for the Energy Roadmap 2050: 1) energy efficiency, 2) a greater share of renewables and 3) a better energy infrastructure.

Danish press release after the meeting: Positive discussions on ETS and Energy Efficiency

Good background reading

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